When you just know

You’re sitting in your classroom, arguing whether the fan should be switched on or not and you feel that this is going to be just another day.Suddenly, a little thought creeps into your head and though nothing has changed, it seems as though everything is different.You realize that few days down the lane, this day is going to be left as a memory.You look at each of the faces around you, in an attempt to take in as much as you can, because now, you just know.You know you won’t doze off on your friend’s shoulder during math class.

You know you won’t share your lunch boxes anymore.You know you won’t sing the ‘disco’ prayer and national anthem in the assembly.

You know you won’t say ‘Pyaaalendroome’ and feel proud about how “right” you pronounce it.

You know you won’t bunk classes to hang out in the cafeteria.

You know you won’t stare at the door waiting for your girls to flaunt their pretty smiles as they walk in every morning.

You know you won’t use numerology to tick the answers in your test.

You know you won’t get a bear hug anytime you want.

You know you won’t toss out bricks to make a pathway to your class.

You know you won’t hear your friends telling you ‘100 reasons why the person who is supposed to marry you will run away on the wedding day’.

You know you won’t fight for the chocolate at the end of every ice-cream cone.You know you won’t feed the thousand little fish (and Bin Laden!) in your stinky pond.

You know you won’t have ‘Let’s change the world’ conversations during a lesson on Cash Flows.

You know you won’t run like a maniac when you see the Dean on rounds.

You know you won’t laugh out loud realizing how crazy your own laugh is.

You know you won’t carry the black-board outside the class and convince the teacher to teach there just because you love the weather.

You know you won’t run with an umbrella whenever it rains to get your friends inside- safe n dry!

You know you won’t be called MAD Manisha.

You know you won’t have group hugs again and again. And again.

You know you can go on and on recollecting every moment spent in that huge building.¬†But you also know that no matter what, you will always have this amazing set of people to count on.After all, life is a journey of meeting and departing. What truly matters is that you’ve invested your heart and loved enough. And created memories for a lifetime. Nothing else really counts at all.¬†Farewell – 24th Feb’14. An ending. A beginning.