Your Words.

I remember the days I stalked you
and your blog.
Admired you
and your blog.

You know how they say
You can accept poetry
without feeling the sorrow.
That’s how I took in your words.

I didn’t know what they meant.
I didn’t know the context,
nor the stories behind them.
I didn’t know who they were for,
or what they meant to you.

I just liked reading,
scrolling through each one of them,
wanting to know the person behind
those beautiful words.

And now I do.
But I don’t.
You are so different from your words.
You are smiles and your words–

Now we are close.
I know the references you make.
I know why you write what you write.
I know the words you use
and the classes you take
and the books you read.

And yet, your words manage to be distant.
The kind that make me fall in love with them.
I wonder how you arrange them that way-
Carefully putting them next to each other,
making all the sense in the world.

I know that one day we’ll be far again.
I’ll secretly read your blog even then.
I might not physically be there for you.
But I’ll always be in love with your words,
just like I’ve always been.



Today will be a nostalgia soon.

One day- I could be here and there,

In just one day.

I’m tired: but only physically.

My insides are exploding–

All that longing to be here,

Seems so far away,

Now that I’m here.


Now that I’m here,

I should forget about wanting to be here.

I should close my eyes.

The warmth of this bed,

The touch of my old teddy,

And gibbering mother.

I know I don’t have them forever.

I have to go back soon.

But ‘for a while’ is good.

After all,

what is forever

if not a lot of ‘for a whiles’.